Competition: Champions League Qualifying
Time: 19:45
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You are here for the first time and don’t know how to watch a match?
Especially for you we made some short and useful instructions how to use our web site.

A guide for the beginners. How to use our web site?

A link to the broadcasting begins to appear below the name of the match after appearing of the small icon Live to the right from the name of the sport event with the beginning of every match. The links open in pop-up windows, so you have to allow the pop-ups on your PC, if you can’t open the link.

There are several ways to watch the broadcastings in our website. Please have a look at them:

  • WebPlayer # BestLink # SopCast # Link # AceStream # This is how the link to broadcasting looks like. When you point your mouse to it you will get more information about the broadcasting: the name of the channel, the language of the broadcasting and a bitrate (index, that determines the quality of broadcasting)

  • WebPlayer # In this way the broadcasting is held by the ordinary fixed flash player, that’s why it will be easy to watch for everyone.

    For your information: the providers of such broadcastings are the users of youtube, vimeo and similar web sites and organize the broadcasting by these websites facilities.  On our website we use an add-in embed code, that is uploaded by the users, so we are not responsible for the adds/ pop-up windows and a possible copyright abuse made by these users (this is a responsibility of the web services that provide these broadcastings).
  • BestLink # The most sustainable and easy way to watch the broadcastings  with an ordinary fixed flash player. No more pop-up windows and annoying adds. The small minus of this way is that you have to register on a betting office website. But in return you will get some bonuses like free bets and some super dividends while replenishing of your balance.

  • SopCast # To wach the broadcastings this way you have to install the program with the name SopCast. This program allows to watch sports broadcastings with the best quality and almost without any adds. Find more about installation and setting of SopCast here.

  • AceStream #, StreamTorrent #, TVu # and other programs. To watch the broadcastings this way you have to install an additional program. The link with the guide how to do it opens when you click the corresponding link below the name of the match.  

  • Link # To watch the broadcasting this way you have to go to a third party web site. This way is the most insecure, because it causes the possibility to be infected by some malicious software.

How to watch the highlights videos of the matches

A player with the highlights video of the sport event you chose appears in the new window when you click the icon with a highlights: Highlights .

You need a flash player to be installed and allow the pop-ups on your PC, if you can’t open the links.