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The main goal of the AceStream (Also known as Torrent Stream) project is to provide multifunctional technological solution that will bring a mechanism of publishing, sharing and dissemination of audio-visual information on the Internet to a new quality level.

The basic core of Ace Stream System is a specialized software (TS Engine), developed as a client application software for Windows, Mac, Linux/Ubuntu, Android, Apple iOS, etc. (Prior to release 1.0.6, only the version for Windows will be available for the installation).

Release notes

This is an innovative media platform of a new generation, which will take you to a new high-quality level of multimedia space on the Internet.


Depends on what users create on it


AceStream (formerly known as TorrentStream) is a new way of p2p streaming which works the same like Torrents. It's a new program so it could not work properly for everyone, as it also still has many bugs which have to be fixed. Here's a guide to start with:

Download and Install
First you have to download the Program, and Install it. See the Download links below, it's a big download so can take some time. Install it, and you're ready to watch streams.

Opening a Channel

Just click the first Acestream link from our listings, as that's the Acestream/Torrentstream Player. It will automatically open the TS Player and start the stream. With the recent improvements it should work within a minute. Of course depending on your connection. Some links might ask you to select TS Player manually to open it.
You can also use the second link from our listings which is a Webbased player, but that might not load properly when it's very busy. Just click the second link, and a webbased Acestream will open. Then click the play button to start the stream, and it will buffer.
Not loading instantly? Sometimes it can be loading in 15 seconds, sometimes it takes a few minutes. All depends on your connection. There's not much info we can give on how to improve it. But check and ask on our forum, see below.

Additional Info

Alternative old method: Links not working? It could be not working properly when it's busy. To get it working then you should keep in mind that you have to Copy and past the available TorrentStream ID into the TS Player that you installed. For this we provide the Second Torrentstream link in our schedules